Historical and Live Results

Verified Trading Performance dating back to 2013

“I have used the name ‘SteadyCapture’ for my public forex trading since 2011.  I have found this accountability to be a great motivator driving me to be the best forex manager I can be.  The earliest available track record can be seen in ‘Social Trading History‘.  Below you can also find links to a third party verification website showing additional performance.  The first was a live account used for providing trade signals to clients.  It was a 50x leveraged account that was shut down in January 2015 because the broker (LQD Markets) became insolvent and discontinued services.  The second shows current live performance.” – SteadyCapture


Live Performance

A 1:150 leveraged Forex account that encompasses all active proficiencies, from intraday scalping to longer term trading across all major liquid currency pairs

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