Investment Strategy

Detailing our Investment Strategy and Account Guidelines

Our strategy uses both technical and fundamental analysis of currency markets and can result in trades in a wide variety of currency pairs including Gold or Silver pairs.  Multiple time frames are used ranging from short term scalping trades that last seconds or minutes, up to the occasional trade that lasts over a week.  The average trade duration is less than 12 hours.  Trades are input manually without the use of automated systems and risk management is active with professional oversight of all live positions.  Generally, the trade method of scaling into and out of positions is employed.  Stop losses are used on all trades but active management commonly results in minimized losses before that level is reached.  The trading rules are structured to keep draw down below 30% in maximum stop loss situations with the long term average being much less.

Currency Pairs Traded:  All major liquid currency pairs, Gold and Silver

Maximum number of open positions:  44, commonly 5-14

Account Leverage:  150x

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