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Exclusively through a partnership with we are offering the “SteadyCapture Live” Forex trade signal through the Metatrader 4 platform.  All trades are copied from the Master account held at Squared Financial (London UK based trade server) and delivered in real time to your MT4 account.  The trade signal is compatible with any non-FIFO MT4 broker.  Any accounts with restricted or reduced leverage on Gold (XAU/USD) or any other currency pairs should disable those pairs from trading in order to allow proper use of margin on everything else.  To copy trades in the same ratio as the Master an account with 150x leverage or above is recommended.  For more information about trade replication technology, latency, slippage, and the systems used by please visit their website.

The Team

“I have been very impressed getting to know Nick McDonald and the team.  They are experts in trade copying technology and very committed to delivering a solid product designed to make money for their users.  Nick is very familiar with the Forex journey and copying professional traders.  I was impressed to see how much effort his team puts in to help people learn how to make money this way.  They certainly are not interested in shuffling through a lot of trade systems just to generate extra fees or commissions for themselves.  Nick himself is not a professional trader, but he goes on the journey with you, sharing his insights and investing his own funds in the professionals he trusts.  Above all, I’ve been happy to partner with Nick McDonald and because we share the same fundamental belief and focus that the most important thing is to make money for our clients.” – SteadyCapture

Managed Accounts

Investors interested in Managed Accounts may visit our official partner at Think Huge Investments!


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